Awesome day in Hoi An with Duy

As mentioned by everyone, Duy is a very young man. However, he is knowledgeable and friendly. He conducted the tour in a mixture of English and Mandarin for the sake of my mum, who cannot understand English. I told him this is what we called Singlish in Singapore.

We went around the Ancient Town of Hoi An to visit the assembly halls, temples, Tan Ky house, Japanese bridge and the lantern area!

I particularly enjoyed the trip to Cam Kim Island. To be able to witness how boats are made traditionally to making rice paper and woven mats were really fun and one of a kind of experience.

I particularly want to thank Duy for piecing the history of Vietnam together for us. I definitely find the tour enriching and memorable. Duy, you can start conducting Mandarin tours soon!

Traveller: Cathy_288 from Tripadvisor