An amazing tour with amazing people!

I am a teenager, and travelled with Xuan Tu and Lam with my family. They were both so fun to listen to, and were such lovely people. They took us to a small village, and we visited two local homes in that village. In one home, we made rice paper, and after sat down with the mother of that house and had iced tea and home-made rice crackers. After that, we then went to another home and helped two local women make sleeping mats by the river. When visiting this village, we travelled by bike, which was a brilliant way to get around, as we were able to see so many different things while emersing ourselves in the Vietnamese culture. We visited a family temple, and rode our bikes through beautiful, and peaceful rice fields. Xuan Tu and Lam also took us to Hoi An, where we saw many things, including an ancient bridge, a Unisco heritage home, and another stunning family heritage home as well. After, we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant by the river that runs through Hoi An. Xuan Tu and Lam were both amazing guides that my family and I were lucky to have along side us as we toured through this part of Vietnam. You are missing out if you don’t chose them to show you this beautiful country!

Traveller: TessB3 from Tripadvisor