Amazing tour of Da Nang and Hoi An

Before traveling to Vietnam, my wife and I had no idea what to do or what to plan. Using trip advisor we discovered Xuân Tú Tours and our guide Hong and I can say we were truly lucky found them on this site.

Tours in areas you have no knowledge about can be risky, and I know anyone reading this is in the same spot I was in 3 months ago. Looking to find the right guide/tour in an area with where no one you know has been. Well let me say you can’t go wrong with selecting Xuân Tú, responsive to emails and changes, useful information before you arrive and very helpful in selecting the right tours.

If possible I recommend requesting our guide Hong, the one thing you I always want in a guide is to travel with someone who makes it feel like a old friend showing you around and that’s how she made us feel. She was passionate about not just the cities we visited, but the people and the food. She listened to our concerns, but also took us to local spot we would have otherwise missed. She also took us to a amazing coffee house and hot pot restaurant, so make sure she takes you there if you take the Hoi An tour.

Overall, we took a shot in the dark with our tour, and I have to say we picked right. If traveling to central Vietnam I recommend absolutely Hong and Xuân Tú Tours.

Traveller: 861caseyf from Tripadvisor