Amazing experience…Highly recommend

We had traveled the north on our own and enjoyed our experience but having a guide for the second leg of our visit made a world of difference. We were met in the Huê airport by our guide…Lam…the car was waiting and well appointed with a cold bottle of water. We started our adventure with a meal of authentic Huê specialities, having the accompaniment of someone whom spoke Vietnamese made a world of difference but it was his thoughtfulness that truly gave our visit a personal touch. With this meal as with every meal he took great care to garnish the meal for us and as he did explain the ingredients, how it was prepared and a little of the significance of the foods. From there we had a very full day visiting the sights of Huê and the surrounding Perfume River area. It was a long, informative, interesting and awe inspiring day, with the best part being our visit to the Celestial Lady pagoda. We had amazing weather and were able observe to Buddhist monks praying and chanting, to call it moving would be an understatement. From that day we felt a great connection with Lam. He worked with us in an exemplary capacity with his knowledge and care explaining the sites we visited with great detail as well as a solid sense of humor. Each day we felt very connected and kind of in on a secret pass to places and knowledge that a first time westerner would not see or do. I would highly recommend this travel service they are very organized and communicative and go above and beyond in every way.

Traveller: Selina G from Tripadvisor