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I read about this truly amazing lady on Trip Advisor when we were looking for a private guide to show us around Hoi and Hue.
Her reviews on Tripadvisor do her justice and more. Very rarely in life does one meet such a dynamic, enthusiastic young lady who knows so much about her country and also speaks excellent English and is so kind, courteous and generous. She blew us away with her personality, touring skills and knowledge of locals and the area and the entire trip is fun, fun, fun.
She has excellent guides helping her and we went with the amazing young man called Lap who took us for a full day tour to Hue an ancient village and we learnt so much.
Tu then the next day took us for a tour around Ho An and it was totally magical. From the amazing tea shop where the dumb and deaf people serve the best of tea you will ever drink and the atmosphere is just to be believed. Then onto the oldest house next door and we were taken to the back of the home to see how they live currently.
We saw so much, well beyond what any tour guide would show us and with such compassion and empathy not only for us but for the locals and how to help them survive and prosper.
Her studies in Melbourne Australia, has given her a true insight as to how Westerners live and learning about the art of excellent service and professionalism and amazing English.
I can not reccommend her highly enough as you WILL NEVER FIND A TOUR GUIDE like Tu.
Book many tours and you will just love her and become a great friend.
Thanks Tu for giving us two magical days and we will never forget you and come and see us in Australia.
What we also loved about you was your quickness in replying to emails, sending us detailed emails and honest advice as to what to do and when to do it and allowing us to PAY IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.
So nice that you accept foreign currency as the current exchange rage.
Thank you for everything and making our holiday so special and memorable.
Ashi and Mike from Hobart, Tasmania.

Traveller: doglover002 from Tripadvisor