A Memorable day in Hoi An/Cam Kim

I contact XT on the day I was leaving for Danang and XT arranged one of her tour guides Tommy Pan to guide us the next day.
It was a very wet morning but Tommy told us facts and stories with such enthusiam before we started the tour that we forgot about the rain!
A new experience for my family to go on a bicycle tour but he was very mindful of our ineperience and safely.
He stayed enregetic and shared facts and stories with us throughout the day that we didn’t bother with the rain anymore.
We had such a good time that our family has voted it was the best guided we ever had!

Thank you Tommy and Xuan Tu, I would recommended all visitors to Hoi An to take this tour and more if you are staying longer!

Traveller: KCLiew622 from Tripadvisor