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峴港及周邊地區兩天遊 Two days tour to Danang and surrounding cities

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第一次到峴港旅遊,因帶著父母,故希望能找到一些有中文導遊的私人導賞團。在網上找了相關資料及經電郵查詢後,決定參加由Xuân Tú提供的美山會安,以及順化各一天的私人導賞團。但當天因突發原因,未能安排中文導遊,Xuân Tú臨時安排了另一位說英文的年輕女導遊Hậu帶隊,起初也有擔心她與父母有溝通上的問題,但她十分友善,也很幫忙。同時很用心介紹各個美山,會安及順化各景點的歷史及背景,令我們對峴港及周邊城市有更多認識,最值得一讚是她非常主動幫我們拍照,更拍出各有特式的照片,為我們留下不少美好回憶。

我們六人坐的休旅車十分舒適,並有樽裝水提供。司機駕駛技術很好,導遊小姐也很貼心,在每個景點完結前都先通知司機開了車上的空調,令我們可上車後即時降溫。除此之外,她也帶我們去吃一些非常地道的美食,如各越南小吃,牛肉粉,越式法包等,沒有她的介紹應該自行不會吃到,所以這兩天我們都過得很開心,父母也很滿意。十分感謝Hậu帶給我們這難忘的旅程。我一定會推薦Xuân Tú Tour及Hậu導遊給會到峴港旅遊朋友。

First time traveled to Da Nang with my parents, I hope to find some private tour with tour guide who can speaks Chinese. After looking for relevant information on the Internet and enquiring via email, I decided to join a two days private tour provided by Xuân Tú, which going to Hoi An, My Son and Hue. However, due to unexpected reasons, they unable to arrange a tour guide who can speaks Chinese, but arranged another English-speaking young lady Hậu to be our guide. Before the tour I also worried about she may have problems in communicating with my parents. However, she is a helpful, friendly and nice lady. She introduced very clear about the history and background of various attractions in My Son, Hoi An and Hue, which enabled us to know much about Da Nang and the surrounding cities. The most impressive is that she is so initiative to help us to take a lot of nice pictures which can gave us lots of good memories.

The car is very comfortable and they provide plenty of cold bottled water. The driver’s driving skills are very good and the tour guide is very caring too. She informs the driver to turn on the car’s air conditioner before we get on, so that we can get rid of the heat immediately after getting on the car. Besides, she also took us to have some authentic food, such as Vietnamese snacks, beef pho, Bánh mì…etc, without her introduction i don’t think we can find these kinds of traditional food by ourselves. All of us were very happy and satisfied with these two days tour. Thank you so much that Hậu giving us this unforgettable journey. I will definitely recommend Xuân Tú Tour and our tour guide Hậu to my friends who will go to Da Nang in the future.

Traveller: JasonC2237 from Tripadvisor 

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